Kilograms to Metric Tons (kg to t) converter

Learn about the common unit of weight in units of measure.

Kilograms (kg) are defined with a constant. A unit that is used universally in many areas of life.
Formula to convert kg to t:
1 kg = (1/1000) t = 0.001 t

Metric Tons (Tonnes) can be abbreviated as t, as T, Te, or MT
1t = 1000kg = 2,204.6 pounds

How to use: enter the number of kilograms to convert and click Convert. The recipe for the result will appear for you.

Kilograms to Tons conversion table: 

Kilograms (kg)Tons (t)
1 kg0.001 t       
2 kg0.002 t
30.003 t
40.004 t
50.005 t
60.006 t
70.007 t
80.008 t
90.009 t
100.01 t
500.05 t
600.06 t
70        0.07 t 
800.08 t
900.09 t
1000.1 t
10001 t
20002 t
50005 t

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