Logarithm Calculator | log(x) Calculator

The logarithm (log (x)) of a number is the power that a fixed value, called a base, must be raised to produce that number.

For example: b y = x

Then : logx = y  ( b is the base)

Some important rules of Logarithms:

  • Rules of multiplication:  loga xy = loga x + loga y
  • Quotient Rule : loga  = loga x – loga y
  • Change Of Base Rule: 

  • Logarithm power rule: logb(y) = y ∙ logb(x)


Logarithm Calculator is a tool that calculates the log value of any positive real number with a given base.

  1. Enter the number and base of the logarithm (note: the base of the logarithm cannot be equal to 1).

  2. Click Calculate to perform the calculation.


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